Porcelain Raft

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Chillwave has (arguably) been a thing for the past four years or so, but only a handful of those spaced-out psych-gaze bands have managed to snap me out of unyielding boredom — Washed Out, Toro Y Moi, locals Police Academy 6 and Anglo-Italian Brooklynite dream-pop newcomer Mauro Remiddi. With his Porcelain Raft project, Remiddi lifts chillwave out of the slurry of neon ambiance and into something reflecting modern electronica and indie rock aesthetics. Last year’s Strange Weekend was perhaps the strongest debut by an artist in years: The album is front-loaded with punch-drunk pop songs that take the melodies of Dinosaur Jr. and bury them in synth noise, while later tracks take the listener in bold, disconnected directions. Remiddi has a brain for pop music that doesn’t get bogged down in the “feel the vibes, maaaaan” tendencies that can make this pseudo-genre a chore, and on his latest LP, Permanent Signal, he shows no signs of regression.

— Lance Conzett

Mon, Sep 9 | 9:00 PM
The Basement
21 and over
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Porcelain Raft

Rome Italy  |  Alternative

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