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While our opinions may not count for much in the metal community — we’re more hipster than hesher, even if we could really use a haircut and our favorite shirt says “Slayer” — we have got to say that the 2013 crop of progressive, heavy music is fucking killer. Leading the pack is Ultraviolet, the latest album from Savannah, Ga.’s Kylesa, which may have done more to expand metal’s horizons than any album in recent memory. Sprawling and psychedelic, Ultraviolet finds the veteran band branching out sonically and compositionally, creating songs that are as brutal as they are beautiful, pushing guitarist Laura Pleasants’ gnarly vocal stylings front and center. And while some purists may decry the more melodic and mystical bent of the material, we say fuck ’em — they don’t know how to party


Thu, Oct 3 | 7:00 PM
18 and over
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Savannah GA  |  Rock

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