Jacuzzi Boys, PUJOL, D. Watusi

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For about a half-decade, Miami’s Jacuzzi Boys have surfed along on the radical neo-garage-rock wave populated most recognizably by slackers like Wavves. But with each of their three long-players, the Boys have gotten progressively better at crafting catchy hooks — and there’s nothing slackery about that. On their brand-new eponymous LP, Jacuzzi Boys still employ a Kinksian sort of rough-hewn energy, but tunes like “Be My Prism” and “Dust” conjure not just the aesthetic of the Davies brothers, but the workmanship as well. Really, there are glimmers of Brit-like power pop and glam all over Jacuzzi Boys, from Bolan-esque insouciant cool to just a bit of Pete Shelley-like snarl. Anyway, you can play the reference game all day long when it comes to a sharp young ever-evolving neo-garage outfit like Jacuzzi Boys, but you’ll never have as much fun doing that as you will down in front at one of their consistently entertaining shows. Dudes know how to party. Likeminded locals D. Watusi and PUJOL — the latter of whom will likely play some of their awesome new material — open. 

—D. Patrick Rodgers

Fri, Sep 27 | 9:00 PM
The End
All ages
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Jacuzzi Boys

Miami FL  |  Dance

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