Demonbreun Labor Day Blockbuster feat. Kansas Bible Company, How I Became the Bomb, Patrick Sweany, The Lower Caves, Forget Cassettes, Magnolia Sons, Kink Ador, Alanna Royale & more

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Oh, Demonbreun Street. How many times have you invited us in, only for us to take a raincheck after considering your corny roundabout and rumored hordes of bros? But then you told us that you were booking a mini-festival, and we began to cave. It’s got air conditioning, food trucks, hot chicken and an optional water-balloon fight; OK, we can warm up to — er, cool down with — that. Taking a look at the bill, though, is what really sold us. We noticed a slew of favorites and promising up-and-comers: deft and wiry indie rock from Forget Cassettes; eminently danceable pop from How I Became the Bomb; the Doors-meets-Zappa big-band sweetness of Kansas Bible Company; Los Colognes’ deceptively mellifluous breeze-rock; classic soul and pop flavors from Alanna Royale, A.J. and the Jiggawatts, and Magnolia Sons; even sunny anthems from Josephine and The Wildfront and Kink Ador. All right, we’re in. But don’t tag us in those Instagrams, ’K? Tickets are $20 at the door, $15 presale; stages at Tin Roof, Dan McGuinness, South and Pavilion. 

—Stephen Trageser

Sat, Aug 31 | 5:00 PM
Tin Roof Nashville
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Kansas Bible Company

Nashville TN  |  Rock

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