Ahleuchatistas w/The Most Amazing Century Of Science & Body of Light

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Have we told you guys about our new hobby? It’s the best. What we do is drive around the suburbs with our favorite free jazz records cranked to 11,000 and just watch people wig out. You haven’t seen true terror until you’ve seen soccer moms forced to listen to Albert Ayler. Cheap thrills for sure, but thrills nonetheless. Tonight’s show at La Boheme Collectif should be equally thrilling — and yet will most likely involve considerably less stink-eye from the Old Navy crowd. Asheville, N.C.-based drum-guitar duo Ahleuchatistas makes spiritual jazz for psych-rock freaks, creating sweeping soundscapes that evoke classic duos like John Coltrane and Rashied Ali. Paired with the avant-grind of locals Most Amazing Century of Science, and Body of Light’s futurist pop, it’s an evening that’s sure to make heads explode. Maybe we can take it to the suburbs with us?

—Sean L. Maloney

Sun, Sep 29 | 8:00 PM
Boheme Collectif
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Asheville NC  |  Rock

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