Majical Cloudz w/Moon King

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Like Pitchfork darling James Blake, electro-duo Majical Cloudz emphasize minimalism and restraint over decadence and flash. The group sidesteps big beats and crisp hooks, instead favoring woozy keyboard refrains and pitter-patter rhythms that owe more to Low than to Aphex Twin. The music’s sparseness serves as an empty backdrop for singer Devon Welsh as he croons tales of failed love and strained friendships. On “Childhood’s End,” he sings with an urgency and sincerity that echoes both Morrissey and Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan without sounding dated or contrived. The band’s understated musicianship propels Welsh’s grandiose warble forward and gives the songs a tension and edge that would be lost in a fuller sound. Show opener Moon King, while far from joyous,  picks up the tempo a bit with their Talk Talk-inspired electro-pop.


Thu, Sep 5 | 9:00 PM
The End
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Majical Cloudz

Canada  |  Electronic

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