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Vice’s 2007 film Heavy Metal in Baghdad portrayed the real-life drama of kids struggling not only to survive in a war zone, but also to build up a scene that, while not overtly political, was clearly opposed to both Saddam Hussein’s regime and the fundamentalist militants who fought to fill the power vacuum after he was toppled. The band profiled in the doc, Acrassicauda (named for a deadly fat-tailed scorpion that’s common in Iraq), fled their war-torn homeland under very real death threats and eventually settled in Brooklyn. After an EP and two U.S. tours, the group is no longer a ragtag bunch of “shrapnel thrashers,” but a polished outfit looking to mold their high-octane influences into a sound all their own. This tour is a warm-up for recording dates for their first full-length, which performance videos suggest will be flavored as much by the traditions of the Fertile Crescent as classic chugga-laden Western thrash. 


Sun, Oct 13 | 8:00 PM
18 and over
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Baghdad Iraq  |  Metal

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