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Circle Takes the Square

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If there were any justice in the world, Circle Takes the Square (along with melodic hardcore cohorts Pg. 99 and Orchid) would be the band that defines emo for the masses. Their 2004 debut, As the Roots Undo, is a dense, chaotic work of witchy post-hardcore, laden with a darkness you’d more likely expect from Norwegian black metal records than an emo power trio based out of Savannah, Ga. It sounds like it was recorded by a coven of witches in an abandoned slaughterhouse. But, you know, witches with feelings. CTTS still touches on popular emo themes — abandonment, longing, self-destruction — but with a progressive, dramatic flair that elevates them beyond “Screaming Infidelities” sad-bastardisms. Nearly a decade after the release of that record, the band plays their first-ever Nashville show on Devil’s Night — a confluence of events that sounds like it’ll end in human sacrifice. Fingers crossed!


Wed, Oct 30 | 8:00 PM
The Owl Farm
All ages
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Circle Takes The Square

Brunswick OH  |  Punk/Hardcore

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