Great Performances: A Moving Sound

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Taipei-based group A Moving Sound blends musical traditions from Taiwan, China and other Asian countries, and the result is unique and often haunting. Singer Mia Hsieh has a dreamy, almost hypnotic voice, and her accompanying musicians are every bit as intriguing — in fact, it might be worth the price of admission just to see someone play the bowed, two-string Chinese instrument known as an erhu, which sounds like an otherworldly combination of violin, theremin and human voice. (You’ve likely heard it in traditional Chinese music used in film and TV scores, and may have mistaken it at times for a singer.) A Moving Sound kicks off this year’s Great Performances series, which also includes New York City-based Aquila Theatre’s staging of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 (Nov. 1) and — from New Orleans’ legendary Batiste family (spotlighted on HBO’s Treme) — pianist Jon Batiste and his band Stay Human (Jan. 26).


Thu, Sep 26 | 7:30 PM
Vanderbilt University
$5 - $40
All ages
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A Moving Sound

Taipei Taiwan  |  World/New Age

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