Eric Brace Presents Hangtown Dancehall

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It seems to me that writing, arranging and recording a musical must take roughly 10 times the effort that goes into your average album. That’s an outsider’s observation, mind you — considering I’ve never tackled such a project myself, and don’t plan to — but an educated one nonetheless. Ghost Brothers, the neighborly Southern gothic collab between John Mellencamp, Stephen King and T Bone Burnett, took more than 10 years to reach completion, and the making of the folk opera Hangtown Dancehall, by East Nashville’s Eric Brace and Washington, D.C.’s Karl Straub, clocked in at an even decade. Brace, the singing, songwriting founder of local indie Red Beet Records, began life near the epicenter of the California Gold Rush, heard a ballad about a pair of doomed, gold-hungry lovers as a kid and, after becoming a musically productive member of society, decided to expand their story into a folk opera, in which he stars opposite the sultry Kelly Willis. It’s a spry, tuneful telling of a surprisingly modern story.

—Jewly Hight

Sat, Nov 2 | 7:00 PM (6:00 Door)
3rd & Lindsley
$10 - $20
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Eric Brace

Nashville TN  |  Alternative

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