The Ratz w/Blooddrive

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A long time ago in a basement not that far away, there was West End bar named Phrank ’N’ Steins. Hot on the heels of the 1980s, through accident or divine provenance (depending on your perspective), it suddenly found itself transformed into the rough and rumbling maternity ward for Nashville’s punk scene, and an important brick for Music City’s eventual transformation into a rock mecca. Among those first punkers were The Ratz, who amply succeeded in creating their own cellarful of noise, spit and rawk. Over the past few years the band — Les “Rat” Shields, Joey “Offbeat” Blanton, Randy “Rodent” Thompson, and Lyn “Bone” Brown — have staged periodic reunions to take the young hipsters out to the musical woodshed. With BloodDrive — featuring Skot Nelson and Chuck Allen from Guilt, ’80s-Nashville’s most beloved or hated band (once again, depending on your perspective) — opening, and the possibility for a multitude of potential surprise guests, it’s a don’t-miss show for both wheezing punk geezers and young dudes (and dudettes).


Fri, Oct 25 | 9:00 PM
The End
18 and over
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The Ratz

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