Titus Andronicus w/T. Rust & Plastic Visions

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Garden State garage-punky power-pop institution Titus Andronicus boasts as many former members (14, to be exact) as Guns N’ Roses. In spite of its Menudo factor, the gawky band — led in all its forms by ebullient singer-guitarist Patrick Stickles — has consistently celebrated a winning streak of singles, album and EPs since their 2005 debut. Each brims with hooky jams and energetic party anthems that are fit for a sweaty basement full of young punks with PBR cans hoisted high in one hand and a pumping fist formed from the other. Recommended if you like local rockers along the lines of PUJOL and Diarrhea Planet. Revved-up and woozy-sounding Murfreesboro bedroom-pop troupe T. Rust opens.

—Adam Gold

Sun, Oct 27 | 9:00 PM
The End
All ages
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Titus Andronicus

Glen Rock NJ  |  Alternative

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