Nashville Flatpick Camp Show w/Kenny Smith, Tim Stafford, David Grier & Tim May

Nashville Scene Critic's Pick …

Two sets of fiddle tunes rendered on dreadnaught guitars?  Not hardly; though there’ll be plenty of flatpicking here, there’ll be lots more besides. David Grier, the most instrumentally inclined of this bunch, is so dazzlingly inventive and supple as to defy description, while Tim May’s playing runs as often in a swing or gypsy jazz groove as in the bluegrass one. And though Kenny Smith and Tim Stafford are both fearsome players — Smith was nominated again this year for the IBMA’s Guitar Player trophy, which he’s already won multiple times — both are also nuanced, sophisticated singers and, especially in Stafford’s case, songwriters. Throw in some guest shots by Megan Lynch (fiddle) and IBMA-nominated singer Amanda Smith, and there’s likely to be some serious mutual encouragement to risk-taking among the principals — and that’s all to the good.


Fri, Oct 25 | 9:00 PM
The Station Inn
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Tim Stafford

Kingsport TN  |  Country

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