Fidlar are slackers at heart. The only thing they really care about is skateboarding; trivial things like doing their homework and making the grade in school have little meaning to them. Influenced by So-Cal punk rockers like Offspring and blink-182, as well as older bands from the area -- which they learned about from their dad's record collection (he was the guitarist of T.S.O.L.) Max Kuehn and his brother Elvis were playing punk shows by their teens. By the time they were out of high school, Zac Carper and Brandon Schwartzel joined up. Mom & Pop signed the group for their debut album, "Fidlar", which was released earlier this year. They're in town to rock the Exit/In and we've got 'em for an earlier than usual weekday in-store (5pm). Come rock with us!

Mon, Oct 14 | 5:00 PM
Grimey's New & Preloved Music
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Los Angeles CA  |  Alternative

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