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In what is now becoming something of a Nashville tradition, Bassnectar, a.k.a. DJ/producer Lorin Ashton, comes back to town for his third New Year’s Eve concert in a row. Like last year, Ashton rings in 2014 by performing in the round for a “truly immersive 360-degree experience.” But fans should also expect Ashton to up the ante on previous appearances with a whole new bag of lighting and visual tricks, not to mention more of the same roof-rattling bass. Though Ashton is (with good reason) reluctant to identify strictly as a dubstep artist, he is certainly no stranger to the powerful, virtually mind-altering bass throb that characterizes dubstep and its associated subgenres. (Ashton’s “metalstep” work, for example, reflects his longtime affinity for metal.) Staying true to his “open source” credo, Ashton arrives sporting not one but two new mixtapes, the appropriately titled Immersive Music Mixtape Side One and Side Two.

—Saby Reyes-Kulkarni

Tue, Dec 31 | 9:00 PM
Bridgestone Arena
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San Francisco CA  |  Electronic

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