Mike Donovan w/R. Stevie Moore

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There are a lot of Mike Donovans in the weird, wild world we live in. You can thank my astute Googling abilities later, but here’s a brief overview: There’s Mike Donovan the comedian with a passable impression of JFK. There’s Mike Donovan the voiceover artist who played Conan in the short-lived cartoon Conan the Adventurer. There’s Mike Donovan I went to school with and has apparently done nothing of note ever since, if his current Facebook status is telling the truth. But the Mike Donovan we’re most concerned with is this one, the badass San Francisco garage rocker who fronted The Sic Alps and just released a brand-spanking-new solo record on the legendary Drag City. Donovan’s Wot will tickle the same psychedelic neurons as Alps, albeit in a more stripped-down, laid-back sorta way. Donovan is joined by the one and only R. Stevie Moore — no, seriously, I checked, and there’s only one of him — who’s seen a swath of his massive art-pop catalog get the vinyl reissue treatment.

—Sean L. Maloney

Sun, Oct 20 | 9:00 PM (8:00 Door)
The High Watt
18 and over
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Mike Donovan

San Francisco CA  | 

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