Evert Wilbrink/Skotwal @ Grimey's Too

Rock 'N Roll Kamikaze - Evert Wilbrink signs and Scotwald sings in multimedia and multilingual booksigning in Nashville on October 21, 6PM, at Howlin' Books and Grimey's Too. Evert Wilbrink had Cat Stevens clean his car; he spent two days at Jim Morrison's hospital bed; he sailed with Bob Marley through the canals of Amsterdam; got Joan Jett her first record deal; was kissed by Elizabeth Taylor on his first trip to NY; was President of King Biscuit Flower Hour; handled promotion for Blondie and caused Fleetwood Mac car sickness. He tells about 50 years in rock 'n roll in his book "Rock 'n Roll Kamikaze", which will see the light of day at 6PM,October 21, at Howlin' Books / Grimey's Too, 1702 8th Avenue, Nashville. Westfrisian trio Skotwal will be there too, playing American songs in the language that Americans would have spoken if William the Conqueror had lost the Battle of Hastings. Evert will read from his book in English and Dutch and the event will be filmed for Dutch TV.

Mon, Oct 21 | 6:00 PM
Grimey's New & Preloved Music
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