Shy Guy w/Body Of Light & Western Plaza

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At the corner of The Cure’s “Fascination Street” and Ride’s Nowhere stands local quartet Shy Guy. The term “shoegaze” gives some useful context for the big, clean guitars and gauzy vocals that come billowing out of the echo chamber on their debut EP Dreams, which sandwiches a spot-on cover of Slowdive’s “Alison” between four originals. As with any genre label, calling Shy Guy shoegaze is more convenient than complete, as pockets of Anglophile pop influence appear throughout, spanning Pink Floyd spookiness to Stone Roses jangle. They also claim a debt to Phil Collins, though it’s most apparent in their willingness to peer into the void; there are no trappings of brass-enhanced synth pop to be found. As work continues on a full-length, they appear tonight with Western Plaza and Body of Light. BOL seems to be bringing their brand of off-kilter electro pop everywhere these days, but that’s OK by us.


Fri, Oct 25 | 9:00 PM
Boheme Collectif
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Shy Guy

East Nashville TN  |  Indie/Alternative

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