Bridesmaid w/War Bong, Van Hagar & Buddhist Pill

Nashville Scene Critic's Pick …

On the vast and unpredictable Internet, we know there will always be one page that always understands us: Facebook’s “Out-of-Shape Stoner Metal Dudes With Beards.” Bob Brinkman, one of Bridesmaid’s two bassists, runs OOSSMDWB, and he keeps its focus somewhere between fried-food porn and beard porn, and occasionally sprinkles it with deep cuts from Emerson Lake and Palmer. It’s funny as hell, and serves a nice counterpoint to Bridesmaid’s unrelenting, instrumental double-bassist doom sludge. The Columbus, Ohio, trio’s latest album Breakfast at Riffany’s even has a little bit of local blood on its hands: Dallas Thomas, guitarist for legendary Nashville trash outfit Asschapel, contributes on the ferocious “Francis With Wolves.” Bridesmaid is joined by crusty locals War Bong (who just might have the coolest name in the entire fucking town), Van Hagar and Buddhist Pill.


Sat, Nov 2 | 8:30 PM
The Owl Farm
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Columbus OH  | 

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