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The Bittersweets

with guest Luisa Lopez


"We hope this letter finds you all well. With the leaves beginning to change color and mornings getting brisk, it is clear that seasons are changing here in Nashville. In keeping a promise from our September newsletter, we have scheduled our first public performance in three years. Actually having the show booked is far scarier than it seemed when it was just a theoretical idea. The good news for us (and hopefully for you) is that this feels like a new beginning in so many ways. It seems as though we have a new song every week or two, and now that we can check "book first show in three years" off of our list, booking the second show feels like a much smaller step.

Nashville folks - please see the show details below. We are starting small, playing as trio in a lovely little listening room in our neighborhood that always seems to sound great. For anyone else, we will slowly be making our way into some familiar cities in the new year. " -Chris and Hannah

Thu, Nov 7 | 8:00 PM
Douglas Corner Cafe
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The Bittersweets

Nashville TN  |  Rock

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