Destroyer of Light w/Gorgantherron & Black Tar Prophet

Nashville Scene Critic's Pick …

Everybody has a morning routine, even music critics (although, if we’re honest, it’s really more of an early-afternoon routine). For us, it involves making a fresh pot of coffee, running a rake through our beards and sacrificing a goat to the Lord Satan. Oh, and listening to a lot of doom metal. Something about the plodding pace and dour lyrics just puts a pep in our step! This week’s prime pep injections come from Austin outfit Destroyer of Light, who can evoke all the legends of the genre — Sabbath, St. Vitus, Eyehategod — but still manage to come across as unique. Their riffs are as huge as the state they hail from, and their sound lays waste to daylight before we’ve even finished our first cup o’ joe.


Fri, Nov 8 | 9:00 PM
Springwater Supper Club
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Destroyer of Light

Austin TX  |  Metal

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