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Unlike most metal bands that work in long-form arrangements, Cleric doesn’t build sweeping epics that climax with triumphant crescendos or big moments of slowly consolidated power. Those things happen, but not in suites that reward patience. Instead, the Philly band’s last LP, the 2010 behemoth Regressions, is full of restless aggression that jumps from grind- to math-core, and from noise-rock to death metal. And while Regressions’ 70-minute playing time might suggest a marathon and not a sprint, Cleric doesn’t show much interest in taking it slow. This is brutal and pummeling stuff, but also cerebral and technical enough to challenge even the masochists among us. Nashville’s own metal-minded genre-hoppers The Most Amazing Century of Science open with their brand of Naked City-styled spy music/surf rock/grindcore/jazz/whatever.

—Matt Sullivan

Fri, Nov 29 | 8:00 PM
Springwater Supper Club
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