The Business w/The Stand Alones & The Reserves

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Here’s the deal with The Business: They wrote two great songs, three pretty good songs and a whole bunch of crappy songs — and they somehow managed to squeeze a 30-year career out of them. “Suburban Rebels” and “Drinking and Driving” are fucking masterpieces of knucklehead goonery, defiant one-finger salutes to poseurs and teetotalers that sound as potent today as they did in Oi music’s heyday. “Smash the Discos” is still fierce, but in 2013 it seems a bit, oh, what’s the word … homophobic? Sure, it could just be a working-class reaction to the perceived overindulgence of the disco era, but in the post-DoMA era it just comes across as bullying. As for the rest of their catalog, it’s generally made up of punk-by-numbers retreads that attempt to recapture the band’s former glories. But those former glories are pretty glorious, and you can count on us to get goonish when they play “Drinking and Driving.”

—Sean L. Maloney

Sun, Nov 17 | 8:00 PM
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The Business

London England Great Britian  |  Alternative, Punk/Hardcore

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