Indeterminacies: Stan Link

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Stan Link is fascinated with the mystery of sound. An associate professor of the philosophy and analysis of music at Blair School of Music, Link has dedicated his life to the wonders of auditory sensation, frequently as it relates to film, and he likes to dig down deep into the human mind. Consider some of the titles of his academic papers: “Sympathy With the Devil? Music of the Psycho Post-Psycho” or “Going Gently: Contemplating Silences and Cinematic Death” or (my personal fave) “A Brief History of the Future, and Why We Shouldn’t Go There.” He’s an accomplished electronic composer too, and clearly a man who prefers the road less traveled, or never traveled at all. This performance, part of Zeitgeist’s Indeterminacies series, is billed as a night of electro-acoustic and acoustic music, and also features other musicians, including the excellent free-jazz and experimental pianist Rodger Coleman. To get some idea of what to expect, do an Internet search of “Stan Link” and “Amber Shadows” — or better yet, just show up with no preconceptions. Either way, you’re likely to have your mind blown. Belmont University School of music professor Mark Volker will moderate.

—Jack Silverman

Thu, Nov 14 | 7:00 PM
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Stan Link

Nashville TN  |  Classical

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