Greenhouse Lounge w/Strooly & Quiet Entertainer

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You can call it “pulling a Skrillex,” “sipping the Bassnectar” or “MSTRing your KRFT,” but there’s been something lacking in “live” dance music lately. That would be the, ahem, live element. We get it, the kids want to look at the pretty lights and immerse themselves in a total sensory experience — who doesn’t? — but there’s no reason that has to preclude an actual performance from the performers. Which is what makes the Jacksonville, Fla., trio Greenhouse Lounge so exciting: Not only do they lay down some killer dance tunes, but they do it live. Drums, bass, guitar — the whole kit and kaboodle! — liberate the dance floor from the stolid sameness of prerecorded tracks. Their grooves run deep and their sound gets huge, all while maintaining a fluidity and intimacy that only comes from real live humans tapping into the cosmic consciousness.

—Sean L. Maloney

Thu, Nov 21 | 10:00 PM (9:00 Door)
12th & Porter
$5 ADV / $7 DOS
18 and over
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