Buddhist Pill w/Skoolgirl

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Without noise-rock den mother Leslie Keffer doing the booking, Betty’s isn’t the hub for local experimental music that it once was — but that won’t keep us from stopping by to partake in a little consciousness expansion after we’ve expanded our belts to accommodate Thanksgiving dinner. Stan Richardson’s Skoolgirl — known to shift shapes between a multi-guitar ensemble, a solo sample-manipulation act, and a guitar/drums duo — emerges from its secret studio lair to explore the sonic abyss with a harp made from a discarded bicycle and other devices. Following them down the rabbit hole towards Nirvana is Buddhist Pill, a new project from Blake Conley (of doom act Brother Ares) and Joseph Allred (of Poor Faulkner and the much-missed stoner psych outfit Hellbender). Using a harmonium, guitars and a pedalboard overflowing with effects, the pair seek the wisdom the cosmos hides between the echoes of their shimmering drones.

—Stephen Trageser

Sat, Nov 30 | 9:00 PM
Betty's Grill
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Buddhist Pill

Nashville TN  |  Ambient

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