RR Party Feat. D. Striker, Richie & Kelsey Waldon

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Nashville is a town of traditions. December is a time for traditions. And there’s really no tradition more Nashville than D. Striker and his Friday the 13th parties. Were you expecting something about Santa Claus? Sorry, suckas: This tradition is all about the man in yellow — that’s D. Striker — and reveling in the freakiness that unfolds when the 13th day of the month falls on a Friday. Even the Big Claus himself can’t party the way Striker does — we’ve never heard a peep of high-quality parody-country come out of the Jolly Fat Dude, and that’s Ol’ Strikes’ stock in trade. Striker is joined by Nashville’s class clown Richie Kirkpatrick and the beguiling traditionalist Kelsey Waldon for one of the last great parties of 2013.

—Sean L. Maloney

Fri, Dec 13 | 9:00 PM
The Basement
21 and over
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D. Striker

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