Moving Forweird

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Good people, good tunes, good deeds — this is what we call good shit, man. The city’s favorite mobile deep dance night is celebrating the new release from the local Dekonstructure Records, but the underground dance heads are a tight crew, so they’re also rallying to support one of their own. The Moving Forweird crew are requesting that all y’all kindhearted dancers — you know who you are — bring a donation for the family of Erika Gluck. According to the announcement, Gluck’s family lost all of their stuff in a fire and need stuff to replace that stuff. Probably not, like, decorative wall decals and that Proust box set you’ve meant to read since 1998, but stuff that people need. You know the stuff. Also, dancing! Moving Forweird always nails the tuneage, and tonight’s all-local lineup is no exception. Get into the holiday groove with primo minimal, artful house and techno from Oliver Dodd, Grey People and Talk.

—Sean L. Maloney

Sat, Dec 21 | 10:00 PM
The East Room
All ages
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