Ikey Owens

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Though he’s best known for his longstanding gig with The Mars Volta, a surprising portion of keyboardist Ikey Owens’ career rests far outside the prog-rock scene — or any discernible scene, for that matter. As the founding member of Free Moral Agents and one-half of super-duo Look Daggers, Owens constantly proves himself as a genre-skirting virtuoso in the spaces between the six Mars Volta LPs under his belt. He’s also featured on cuts from the late-’90s ska scene in Long Beach, Calif. (Reel Big Fish, Sublime, The Hippos), worked closely with a who’s who of alternative rap (El-P, Busdriver, Saul Williams) and even brushed shoulders with Mastodon on 2006’s Blood Mountain. Owens has managed to cultivate a prolific body of work that simultaneously champions an array of genres and their respective merits. And now with a recent Nashville connection by way of Jack White’s all-male backing band The Buzzards, Owens has further traversed the cream of the modern music crop, and remains a poster child for aspiring instrumentalists everywhere.

—Matt Fox

Fri, Jan 31 | 9:00 PM (8:00 Door)
The High Watt
18 and over
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Denver CO  |  Rock, Psychedelic

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