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The Station Inn is a stone’s throw from The Turnip Truck, where not long ago Sturgill Simpson manned the cash register for the benefit of condo dwellers and ink-stained alt-weekly wretches alike. In 2013, he released High Top Mountain, a throwback country record that sounds like ’70s Nashvillle backlit by flickering beer-sign neon and shot through with equal parts anti-establishment fire and antidepressant ice. Simpson sings in a drawl that’s as deep as the Ohio River is wide, and the native Kentuckian serves up heavy doses of country clever in bon mots (“I’m so broke I can’t pay attention”) that whirl alongside everything from weeping steel to open-throttle guitar picking. High Top is the kind of album that, if someone blasted it through the window of a rusted-out pickup, you might think originated from an old 8-track — at least until you got to the lines, “I’ve been spending all my nights on the Internet / Looking for a clue but ain’t found one yet / Just a bunch of Mopars, guitars and other stuff I can’t buy.” This ain’t your daddy’s country music, but it sure feels like it.

—Steve Haruch

Thu, Jan 9 | 5:00 PM
The Station Inn
All ages
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Sturgill Simpson

Nashville TN  |  Country

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