Mourning Cloak

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It’s been a couple weeks since the winter solstice, the darkest day of the year, but it’s still a long wait before spring dawns. To complement the general sense of blackness and despair, we recommend tonight’s appearance by Mourning Cloak, a doom quintet from Greensboro, N.C., who bring on the achingly slow tempos, tortured vocal screams, and pitches so low they constitute new research into the brown note. Appropriately, their debut LP is called No Visible Light, a three-track slab of bottom-of-the-ocean heaviness that clocks in at just over half an hour. They’ve been active for about a year, and their efforts have already netted a mini distro deal with Deathwish, the hard-to-pigeonhole artist-facilitator/brand group that’s been handling releases for acclaimed and immensely popular groups like Deafheaven. Catch Mourning Cloak now while you can get up close and personal, but wear the appropriate protective gear. Also on the bill: Argentinium Astrum,Thera Roya, Furnace Head, War Bong and Mara.

—Stephen Trageser

Sun, Jan 5 | 8:00 PM
The Owl Farm
All ages
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Mourning Cloak

NC  |  Metal

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