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Though he hardly qualifies as the only Deftones member with experimental leanings, frontman Chino Moreno has always represented that group’s most tantalizing potential for self-indulgence. For proof, see Moreno’s first side project, Team Sleep. With ††† (Crosses), however, Moreno practically plays the straight man to principal songwriter Chuck Doom. At their most adventurous, Doom and guitarist Shaun Lopez — who make all of the music before Moreno adds vocals — put a jagged twist on electro-rock, with eerie keyboards swirling around frosty beats distorted almost to the verge of glitch. Crosses also project an aura of underground mystique with a visual aesthetic that’s easy to mistake for the witch-house genre, although Moreno denies the association. Digital ear candy and graphic design aside, however, Crosses often dwells close to heavy-rock ballad territory. On latest single “Bitches Brew,” in fact, Moreno lays down some of his most melodic crooning to date.

—Saby Reyes-Kulkarni

Sat, Jan 11 | 12:00 PM
The Cannery Ballroom
All ages
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Los Angeles CA  |  Alternative

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